Yr 10 into 11 Subject Counselling Interviews will be held on Thursday 23/7/20 in the Learning Hub.The website is:

Upcoming Events


20th       Staff Development Day, Pupil Free

21st       Students return

             Yr 7 Reflection Day, Gilbey Centre

22nd      Yr 9 Reflection Day, Gilbey Centre

23rd       Yr 11 Reflection Day – Postponed – normal lessons

              Yr 10 Subject Choice Interviews, Learning Hub

24th       Yr 8 Reflection Day – Postponed – normal lessons

30th       Yr 11 2021 Subject Selection Online Survey

              Yr 8, 9 10 Reports Home


31st       Yr 12 Trial Exams Commence


5th         3.30 – 7pm Yr 7 Parent/Teacher Interviews   

6th         Yr 11 Reports Home  

Student Absence Form

Student Absence Form

If your child is absent from the college, you can fill out this form instead of bringing in a note.