Library Home Page


  • To provide students with information froma  variety of sources – rint, non-print and electronic
  • To provide resources which support the school curriculum and studnet’s interests
  • To encourage the enjoyment of books and reading


The Resource Centre is open for use during normal college hours, recess and lunch times with the exception of sports day. It is also available to Senior Students for their allocated study lessons and for completion of work in ’Online’ and ’accelerated’ courses. At lunch time the resource centre provides a space to complete research, do assignments, read and use laptops for recreational and educational pursuits.


The Centre provides facilities and resources to supplement material and opportunities provided in class. A large collection of Fiction and Non Fiction books are accessible in response to the curriculum and to cater to students’ needs. These are supplemented with periodicals, magazines and reference materials. Given easy access to up to date information via the internet the main print emphasis is on  good quality Fiction and a judicious choice of relevant Non-Fiction.

The college library resource centre is not merely a physical space for the storage of books. it has the potential to introduce young people to the world of literature and information and to enable them to develop skills which will enhance their lives as adults. it can be difficult for parents to provide alll the means desirable to enhance their children’s reading and learning opportunities. The library is a place which gives pupils wider access to these resources.


The Clickview system is administered via the Resource Centre and provides a wide range of digital resources to supplement the Curriculum. it is being constantly updated and can be accessed anywhere in the College.

Printing and Scan to Email

As a service students have access to the printer housed in the Library. Credit for printing is allocated to each student at the beginning of the year, this can be topped up as needed on a user pay basis. Students may also scan documents to their school based email address.

Seminar Room

A seminar room is available for teachers to undertake smalll group instruction, visiting tutors and for individual students to undertake private study, exams and assessment tasks.


The Careers office is also located within the Resource centre giving students access to up to date information.


Through our very well stocked and up to date Fiction collection the College Library Resource Centre promotes reading for personal enjoyment. This is extremely important where homes can be full of the latest electronic wizardry but devoid of print reading materials and traditional reading is almost non-existent. The College library may be the major or only consistent provider of literature experiences for some of our pupils.


“So Please, oh PLEASE, we beg, we pray,
Go throw your TV set away,
And in its place you can install,
A lovely bookshelf on the wall”.

© Roald Dahl – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory