The Science Faculty’s goal is to promote scientific curiosity and a love of learning, empowering students to achieve to their potential in science by fostering a passion for the pursuit of knowledge that will last their lifetime.


Science involves a significant element of laboratory work to develop respect for experimental truth over unsubstantiated opinion while providing a challenging curriculum that strives to meet the needs of the student body by:

  • Providing the necessary background and skills to enable students to become scientifically literate in order to make responsible decisions.
  • Actively involving students in problem solving, qualitative and quantitative analyses, and verbal and written communications.
  • Developing in students an appreciation of science as an investigative process rather than as merely a body of knowledge.

Compulsory Courses

Stage 4 Science Years 7&8 follows the NSW Australian curriculum

Rich in practical experiences, inquiry learning and STEM activities, it is studied over 2 years in Years 7 and 8. Both these years are partially streamed, having one top class with the remainder classes being mixed ability.

Stage 5 Science Years 9&10 follows the NSW Australian Curriculum.

Acceleration in Science

In Year 9 at Mount Patrick College, students have the option to join the acceleration program for Science.  Up to 23 top students are selected from the previous Year 8 cohort based on their performance, attitude and work ethic. These students are offered the opportunity to accelerate in Year 9. This class completes all Stage 5 (content of Year 9 and 10) in a compressed curriculum. They are awarded their Stage 5 ROSA Grade on completion of the course. In year 10 they begin a Preliminary Stage 6 Science course whilst studying their other subjects at year 10 level. The accelerants then study and sit the HSC Science course whilst in Year 11.

Non Accelerants

At the end of Stage 5 in year 10 the ROSA grade is awarded based on assessments and examinations completed in year 10.

Non Compulsory Courses. Follow the NSW Australian Stage 6 Curriculum

These courses are studied over two years as Preliminary in Year 11 and HSC in Year 12



Earth and Environmental Science

Investigating Science

Marine Studies


Extracurricular Science Activities.

The Science Faculty provides access to Science competitions, ICAS, The Australian National Chemistry Quiz, the Australian and New Zealand Brain Bee Challenge, and the Australian Science Olympiad Exams for interested students. The college encourages and provides opportunities for students to attend Summer Schools, Engineering Summer Schools, National Youth Science Forums and STEM Activities.