Our Staff

College Executives

  • Mr Paul Clohesy


  • Miss Mary-Anne McShane

    Deputy Principal

  • Mrs Jane Egan

    Leader of Pedagogy

  • Mr Ryan Campbell

    Leader of Catechesis

  • Mrs Narelle Sherrah

    Leader of Curriculum

  • Mr Michael O’Donohue

    Leader of Evangelisation

Leaders of Learning

  • Mr Ryan Campbell


  • Mr Paddy Bailey


  • Mr Daniel Anderson


  • Ms Sheree O’Brien


  • Mrs Cassie Allen


  • Mr Chris Core


  • Mrs Clara Cahill

    Creative Arts

  • Miss Cath Ord


Leaders of Wellbeing

  • Mrs Margaret Baldini (Year 7)


  • Mrs Majella MacPhail (Year 8)


  • Mrs Louise Shields

    Leader of Wellbeing

  • Mr Josh McCormack (Year 10)


  • Mrs Kath Swift

    Year 11

  • Mr Phil Bindon

    Year 12

  • Mrs Robyn Fitzpatrick (Year 9)


Homeroom Teachers

  • Miss Louise Devine

    LUC F29 Art and Photography Teacher

  • Mr Peter Callaghan

    LUC F28 TAS Teacher

  • Mr Dan Keogh

    LUC F27 TAS Teacher

  • Mrs Jackie Tilsley

    LUC F30 Science Teacher

  • Simon Kendrick

    Yr 11 NAG N38 PE Teacher

  • Mr Jeff Pratt

    NAG S16 TAS Teacher

  • Mr Pat Weetman

    NAG S17 HSIE Teacher

  • Mr Des James

    Drama Teacher

  • Mrs Steph Carroll-Bennett

    LOR M25 TAS Teacher

  • Mrs Kaitlyn Rennes-Nedal

    Maternity Leave

  • Marc Lionnet

    LOR QLab5 HSIE Teacher

  • Corey Nix

    LOR QLab3 Maths Teacher

  • Mrs Sher Millward

    Yr 12 LOR 042 Science Teacher

  • Mr Kevin Wilson

    Yr 12 Nagle 044 Maths Teacher

  • Mrs Vanessa Bowe

    LIS F31 Music and Entertainment Teacher

  • Mrs Jenny Gardner

    LIS F33 Maths Teacher

  • Miss Katie Pinkstone

    LIS F32 English and Religion Teacher

  • Miss Grace Molloy

    LOr M24 Music Teacher

  • Mr Stewart Grant

    Yr 12 LIS 041 HSIE and English Teacher

  • Mrs Sandra Salamacha

    Yr 11 LUC N35 HSIE Teacher

  • Mrs Kylie Bevan

    Maths Teacher

  • Mr Mitchell Rice

    LIS N40 Music Teacher

  • Mrs Narrelle Chaffer

    Yr 11 LIS N39 Science Teacher

  • Mr Michael Acret

    12 LOR O44 Legal Studies Teacher

  • Miss Sarah Ellison

    Nagle S19 English Teacher

Other Areas of Responsibility

  • Mr Mathew Lynch

    Careers Adviser

  • Mrs Angela Finkel

    Learning Support

  • Mr Tim Whitney

    Sports Co-ordinator

  • Mr Greg Culnane

    Librarian/Mentoring Online Students

  • Mrs Natalie Webster

    Learning Technology Co-ordinator

  • Mr Mark Hoy

    SchoolWorx Co-ordinator

  • Mr Paddy Bailey


  • Mr Chris Core

    Online Education

  • Mrs Kaitlyn Rennes-Nedal


  • Mrs Vanessa Bowe


  • Mrs Sue Hoy

    Numeracy Co-ordinator

  • Mr Simon Holder

    Literacy Co-ordinator

Other Staff Members

  • Lesa Swift

    Office Staff

  • Janet Creasey

    Office Staff

  • Carolyn Davies

    Office Staff

  • Maureen Reynolds

    Learning Support

  • Naomi Bruggy

    Learning Support

  • Carolyn King

    Learning Support

  • Adele Williams

    Learning Support

  • Mackenzie Togo

    Indigenous Education and Learning Support

  • Helen Loring

    Lab Assistant and Textbook Co-ordinator

  • Cherie Murnane


  • Carmel Wilcox

    Canteen Staff

  • Barbara Roberts

    Canteen Staff

  • Adele Williams

    Learning Support